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Title: this is how it feels to take a fall
Fandom: Les Misérables
Subject: Grantaire
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's 17th challenge: minor characters. I tried not to make this into a shippy mix, but it's kind of hard with a character who's described as half of a pair. I just have so many Grantaire feels. Totally rushed the cover but I have an exam that's taking over my life, so I'm just happy I have something to submit this month. Luckily I had several Les Mis mixes in the works. Because Les Mis. Sighs.

Icarus is flying towards an early grave )
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Title: a kindness I never did
Fandom: ASOIAF
Subject: Jaime Lannister
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's 15th challenge: heroes & villains. Jaime is one of my favourite characters and I think he fits the theme well, since he goes from ruthless villain to morally ambiguous to rather heroic at some points. Thank you pony for letting me ramble at you while I put this together.

there are no men like me )
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Title: tonight we are the sea
Fandom: Vikings
Subject: sea travels
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's 14th challenge: journeys. I tried to do something different, instead of focusing on a particular character these are songs that remind of the show's atmosphere, with an emphasis on the sea traveling.

if I had a voice I'd sing )
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Title: saved you every time
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Subject: Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's 13th challenge: OTPs (again). I finally got to play T&T a couple of months ago and it gave me all of the feels, how can a game be at the same time hilarious and heartbreaking, I don't get it. Best game. Don't you just love series where you don't know if something is fanart or official art because everything is ridic lovey-dovey. I just love those two fuckers ok. Some Edgey-centric spoilers from the first three games (nothing related to the cases).

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Title: no one's got it all
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Subject: Olenna & Margaery Tyrell
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's twelfth challenge: family. I'm very fond of the Tyrells because that's where I was sorted at [ profile] westerosorting and because my housemates are awesome, so I had to do someone from this family. Plus there aren't many mixes about grandmothers and granddaughters. The focus is on Olenna and Margaery scheming for power, but I also wanted to show their private side, and Margaery's insecurities that she must hide while she plays the game of thrones. Spoilers for the first three books.

with flowers in your hair and grace in your heart )
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Title: darkness veiled his eyes
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Subject: Achilles/Patroclus
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's eleventh challenge: mythology. Most of the Iliad is really fucking boring, lbr, but Achilles and Patroclus are one of the few good bits, and by good I mean crying tears of blood over their fate. I might be biased but I think this is one of my favourite mixes that I made for this comm, I can't stop listening to it. I'm afraid Achilles stole the show like the drama queen that he is so more than a shippy mix this is about Achilles's feelings for Patroclus and how he fucks up everything and gets Patroclus killed and then cries about it. It's Greek mythology, so you know the warnings: people slaughter each other brutally and everyone dies in the end.

when you least expect your sky will tumble down )
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Title: out of time and out of place
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Ten/Master
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's tenth challenge: holiday exchange. For [ profile] odette_river whose wishlist contained angst; right people, wrong time; right people, wrong place; when love isn't enough; darker is usually better. Hope you'll like this! Spoilers for the end of S3.

and time is raging, may it rage in vain )
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Title: But briefly.
Fandom: Marvel
Subject: kid!Loki
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's ninth challenge: angst. For those who aren't familiar with the character, this is one version of Loki who appeared in Journey Into Mystery and other related comics. Out of all the Lokis he's probably my favourite because he's the funniest, the most ridiculous, and also the biggest ball of angst. As in, movie!Loki is a ray of sunshine by comparison. Plus, you can legit hug kid!Loki and you'll make him better, so there's that. Thirteen tracks, even though I don't like odd numbers, but in this case I felt that it would be more appropriate than twelve. Symbolism is important. Though I've tried not to spell out any of the plot twists, the artwork for this mix includes some images from the (truly gorgeous) latest issue of JiM, so spoilers ahead. Also because I went overboard with the pretty, the post is very image heavy.

Does Loki cry? )
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Title: caught in a bad romance
Fandom: Avengers
Subject: Loki/Tony
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's eight challenge: rare pairs. Sometimes I get awesome ideas for mixes, sometimes I don't, and then I end up falling on old favourites and mixing them with a healthy dose of crack because there's only one day left and I don't want to drop out. So I like Loki/Thor and Steve/Tony like everyone should but I also can't help feeling that Loki and Tony together would be awesome and terrible and self-destructing in the best worst possible way. Credit for the art used goes to Creature13 and MisterKay.

I want your love and I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance )
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Title: Human
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Subject: Isaac Lahey
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's seventh challenge: dudes. I've recently been swallowed by this Teen Wolf craze that's been spreading through the internet, so I made a mix. At first I was a Stiles fangirl and when Isaac showed up I didn't really care, but then I saw the episode in which Isaac's first and maybe only genuinely happy smile is when he finds out he can take away pain from others and ISAAC BB, LET ME HUG YOU. I just, urgh, can't deal with how campy Teen Wolf can be and then suddenly feelings and drama.

Let me know, is your heart still beating? )
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Title: because your life is dark and it needs some light
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Subject: the Crawley brothers
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's sixth challenge: genderbend. I thought it would be funny to do the Crawley sisters as boys, since in the show it's a very big thing that Mary can't inherit because she's a girl. A note on names: this mix began when I thought "what if Mary and Matthew changed places?" and therefore boy!Mary is named Matthew and girl!Matthew is named Mary. I apologize for any potential confusion. Please don't take the cover too seriously, I ran out of time and picked the first pretty British actors I found as face characters. Spoilers for the first two seasons.

You bought a star / In the sky tonight / Because your life is dark / And it needs some light )
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Title: living in the state of dreaming
Fandom: Avengers
Subject: Inception!AU
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's fifth challenge: alternate universes. Just, urgh. This mix. Every month I do something crazy and overly complicated and promise myself that next month I'll keep it simple and easy, and then I see the new theme and just can't help myself. This is a mix for an AU in which the Avengers are members of a team trying to pull off an inception on Loki. The mix is divided in two parts, one about assembling the team and one about the job itself. The songs are intersped with quotes from both Inception and Avengers, some a bit altered to fit the AU. Some spoilers for those who haven't seen both movies, since I've borrowed plot elements here and there. Warnings for minor character death.

I live my life inside a dream / Only waken when I sleep / I would sell my sorry soul / If I could have it all )
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Title: Across the universe
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: the Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's fourth challenge: groups. I would have loved to include other companions, especially Jack and Rory, but due to time constraints I limited myself to the four main ones. There's three songs for each companion: about them, and about the incarnation of the Doctor that they traveled with, and about their relationship with the Doctor. There's also three generic songs about the Doctor and his companions. Huge spoilers for the first five seasons in the series summary, though they're all behind a spoiler cut.

We held the globe and made it turn, wandered through the universe )
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Title: far from where you are
Fandom: Original
Subject: Emily/Gillian
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's third challenge: quotes. I tried to do something different this time, and made a mix for an original story of mine. Of course, in a stroke of genius, I chose an unfinished story in the hopes that it would get me past my writer's block. That went as well as you can imagine. I pulled some quotes from the story to go along with the songs, and outright made up some to go with the parts of the story that haven't been written yet. I tried to do some fancy formatting but it took me forever and I got bored halfway through, so yeah. Please don't judge that, or the soppiness of the story? The quote that inspired the whole mix (and the story) is by Robert Morgan: "Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity."

Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity. )
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Title: The Tower
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Subject: Mary Crawley
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's second challenge: HBICs. Lady Mary Crawley, born 1892, eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham. Beautiful, refined and snobbish on the outside, she plays her cards close to her chest. She's a product of the world she lives in. Being female, Mary can't inherit the family's estate or money, so she needs to make a good marriage or she'll be penniless once her father dies. So she uses the only weapons that she has: her looks, her family's position and her sharp wit. And also fabulous hats. Click the question mark after each title for a (spoilery) explanation of which plot events I'm referencing with the song.

8 songs and cover art below the cut )
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Title: count the flaws
Fandom: Marvel movieverse
Subject: Loki/Thor
Notes: Extra mix made for [ profile] waywardmixes's first challenge: OTPs. This is my newest ship but I already like them to an unhealthy degree. It starts from their, er, breakup in Thor and goes on to what's hopefully their happy ending. Also I got lazy with the covers, whoops.

10 songs and cover art below the cut )
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Title: waiting for the hint of a spark
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's first challenge: OTPs. I have a million billion OTPs, but this one gives me all of the feelings, plus I was already thinking about making another mix for them when I saw the theme. I might have titled the mix after a song's lyrics and then swapped that song for a cover version without realizing that it has slightly different lyrics. Pretend you don't notice. Also not sure why the cover turned out purple, it's been ages since I did graphics. No spoilers, just a generic sad/angsty mix for the trenchcoat-wearing angel, the alcoholic hunter and their long-distance marriage.

8 songs and cover art below the cut )


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