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Title: a kindness I never did
Fandom: ASOIAF
Subject: Jaime Lannister
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's 15th challenge: heroes & villains. Jaime is one of my favourite characters and I think he fits the theme well, since he goes from ruthless villain to morally ambiguous to rather heroic at some points. Thank you pony for letting me ramble at you while I put this together.

A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of epic fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin. One of the main plotlines involves several noble houses fighting for power and trying to conquer the Iron Throne. Jaime Lannister is the firstborn son of Lord Tywin Lannister. He's famous for his martial prowess and for having killed the previous king despite being one of the knights sworn to protect him -- a deed that earned him the moniker of Kingslayer. Early in the books Jaime comes across as arrogant, ruthless, and dishonorable like his twin sister Cersei, who incidentally is also his lover. His brother Tyrion is one of the few people that Jaime treats with affection, despite the fact that the rest of his family reviles Tyrion because he's a dwarf. Over the course of the series Jaime starts showing redeeming qualities, especially after his encounter with Brienne of Tarth, who impresses him with her stubborn adherence to a code of honour. Jaime suffers a great trauma (both physical and mental) when his sword hand is cut off, believing himself to be nothing without his fighting skills. Cersei's repulsion for his stump and his father's disdain for his new "honourable" notions create a rift between Jaime and his family. Jaime is also sarcastic as fuck and doesn't care whether other people understand his motivations or not. The reason he killed the old king was because he'd gone mad and was ordering his guards to burn down the city and everyone in it, by the way, not that he ever told anyone but Brienne.

"There are no men like me. There's only me."

Numb (Marina & the Diamonds)
I feel numb most of the time
The lower I get the higher I'll climb
And I will wonder why
I got dark only to shine
Music For A Rainy Town (Ryan McAllister)
Got a love that wars were fought for
Ships sent across the sea
Yeah but I’m still looking for the place
For the place I ought to be

"It was that white cloak that soiled me, not the other way around."

Leave My Body (Florence + the Machine)
I'm gonna be released from behind these lines
And I don't care whether I live or die
And I'm losing blood, I'm gonna leave my bones
And I don't want your heart it leaves me cold
Broken Crown (Mumford & Sons)
So crawl on my belly 'til the sun goes down
I'll never wear your broken crown
I can take the road and I can fuck it all away
But in this twilight, our choices seal our fate

"By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?"

A Vicious Kind (Yellowcard)
I want you to know I’m not sorry at all
You can’t buy forgiveness or blame me for the fall
All I ever wanted was for us to beat the odds
I thought we were lucky ones but all your luck is gone
My Name (Wearing Me Out) (Shinedown)
My name is worthless like you told me I once was
My name is empty cause you drained away the love
My name is searching since you stole my only soul
My name is hatred and the reasons we both know

"So many vows...they make you swear and swear. [...] No matter what you do, you're forsaking one vow or the other."

Sloom (Of Monsters And Men)
So make all your last demands for I will forsake you
And I'll meet your eyes for the very first time, for the very last
So love me mother, and love me father, and love my sister as well
So love me mother, and love me father, and love my brother as well
Ghosts That We Knew (Mumford & Sons)
You saw my pain washed out in the rain
Broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins
But you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart
And you knelt beside my hope torn apart

"I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for a kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act."

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