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Title: But briefly.
Fandom: Marvel
Subject: kid!Loki
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's ninth challenge: angst. For those who aren't familiar with the character, this is one version of Loki who appeared in Journey Into Mystery and other related comics. Out of all the Lokis he's probably my favourite because he's the funniest, the most ridiculous, and also the biggest ball of angst. As in, movie!Loki is a ray of sunshine by comparison. Plus, you can legit hug kid!Loki and you'll make him better, so there's that. Thirteen tracks, even though I don't like odd numbers, but in this case I felt that it would be more appropriate than twelve. Symbolism is important. Though I've tried not to spell out any of the plot twists, the artwork for this mix includes some images from the (truly gorgeous) latest issue of JiM, so spoilers ahead. Also because I went overboard with the pretty, the post is very image heavy.

Does Loki cry? )
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Title: caught in a bad romance
Fandom: Avengers
Subject: Loki/Tony
Notes: Made for [ profile] waywardmixes's eight challenge: rare pairs. Sometimes I get awesome ideas for mixes, sometimes I don't, and then I end up falling on old favourites and mixing them with a healthy dose of crack because there's only one day left and I don't want to drop out. So I like Loki/Thor and Steve/Tony like everyone should but I also can't help feeling that Loki and Tony together would be awesome and terrible and self-destructing in the best worst possible way. Credit for the art used goes to Creature13 and MisterKay.

I want your love and I want your revenge / You and me could write a bad romance )
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Title: count the flaws
Fandom: Marvel movieverse
Subject: Loki/Thor
Notes: Extra mix made for [ profile] waywardmixes's first challenge: OTPs. This is my newest ship but I already like them to an unhealthy degree. It starts from their, er, breakup in Thor and goes on to what's hopefully their happy ending. Also I got lazy with the covers, whoops.

10 songs and cover art below the cut )
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Title: Supernanny
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Coulson, all (bits of Steve/Tony and Thor/Loki, also Tony/Pepper and Natasha/Pepper maybe if you squint)
Words: ~2,100
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: The Avengers are turned into kids. Coulson is the only one qualified to handle this.
Beta: none
Notes: Written for mission 6.1 ("years") of the COW-T 2 @ [ profile] maridichallenge. I blame my fellow Twittavengers for giving me the idea.

Supernanny )


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