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Title: I will be the death of you
Fandom: Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries
Subject: Damon Salvatore/Dean Winchester
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's July challenge: crossovers and primary colours. Yet another AU I'll never write. This time it's not a schmoopy one, though. I could say I like this pairing because of the conflict between the vampire and the hunter, but really it's because both actors are very pretty. I think Dean and Damon could get along, at least until Dean finds out Damon is a vampire. Then all hell would break loose.

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Title: and I forgot to tell you I love you
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Subject: Charles/Erik
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's June challenge: movies and black and white. I'm not usually big on movie fandoms, but Tumblr was telling me wonderful things about Charles and Erik so I miiight just have started working on this fanmix before actually watching the movie. In my defence I'm a longtime fan of the comics. So, this is huge. It's actually two mixes in one: there's Charles's side and Erik's side, each chronicling the stages of their relationship from their first meeting to the beach divorce, hinting to a possible future reconciliation. Plus an intro and an outro, bringing the total to a neat 20. Okay, so the outro is actually the song that plays on the credits, but it's a good song and I wanted to include it. They have a song called Love Love playing after a movie where the focus is on the relationship between two guys. That's so heterosexual. So yeah, I have made a mix with a song by Take That. There's also a song in French, which seems fit given all the foreign languages spoken in the movies. None of which were French, but hush. There's Mumford & Sons, Muse, Keane, A Fine Frenzy, Sarah McLachlan lending me the title and a lot of other favourites of mine. Anyway, you can listen to Charles's mix or Erik's mix or to Charles-and-Erik's mix alternating them or you can just loop Love Love all day long. You can even pick the cover you prefer, I made alternates since I don't like black and white covers much. And I'm getting rambly here, I'm sorry about that. And afternoon of listening to Fassavoy interviews can do that to a person. Ohmygod I still can't get over the fact that he said Fassavoy.

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Title: When the sun goes down
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Subject: Caroline Forbes
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's April challenge: minor character and repetition. Caroline is one of my favourite characters. I couldn't stand her in S1, but she's grown so much and turned into this awesome badass woman. Please don't die, Caroline, I want you to be happy.

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Title: A Modern Myth
Fandom: Merlin
Subject: Arthur/Merlin
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's March challenge: alternate universe and negative space. This AU is based on a fic I'll probably never write, with a Queer as Folk-esque plot. Arthur is a young and successful CEO who's famous for having slept with every gay man in Manchester. Merlin is the childhood friend with an art gallery and a huge crush on Arthur. He's also the only man Arthur never slept with... that is, until one fateful night they both get too drunk at Gwen and Morgana's party and go home together and one thing leads to another. The morning after, Arthur, being Arthur, says the wrong thing and completely fucks up everything. Merlin storms out swearing he doesn't want to see Arthur ever again. But twenty years of friendship are hard to forget, and Arthur is also slowly realizing that Merlin is anything but a simple one-night stand.

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Title: His Girl Friday
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Subject: Garcia/Morgan
Notes: Extra mix made for [ profile] singustosleep's February challenge: OTP and stars. More of half a mix, but I couldn't just pick one of my OTPs. Also, I named this after a song that's not in the mix. Because.

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Title: The Story With No Ending
Fandom: Torchwood
Subject: Jack/Ianto
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's February challenge: OTP and stars. This fanmix has been in the making for months, ever since I listened to I'm Yours Tonight for the first time. I always thought Ianto is the best and funniest part of Torchwood, despite all of his angst in S1. And Jack is, well, Jack. I couldn't help falling for their unlikely but adorable love story.

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Title: There's gonna be an accident
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: the Master
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's January challenge: villain and monochromatic. The cover is technically just very desaturated, but I've included an alternate b/w version in the zip. Ten songs plus a bonus one because I was going for the seriously disturbed part of the Master's personality, but in the end I couldn't help myself. As for why I picked the Master, it was a no-brainer. I've had a couple of unfinished Doctor Who mixes on my computer since forever, this was just a convenient excuse to get to them. Next up is either the Doctor or Amy Pond.

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Title: We Will Be Remembered
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: girl!trio
Notes: Made for [ profile] singustosleep's December challenge: genderswap and orange.
I don't really like either, but for some reason my brain pointed out that orange = red + yellow and those are the Gryffindor colours, and then the idea of a Harry Potter AU in which everyone is female sprang fully formed in my brain. IDEK. I also discarded several nice songs because I wanted to have only female voices for this one. I like making my life more complicated than needed.
One song for each of the trio, plus songs covering their story arc in the last book. No spoilers. Unless you didn't know that good eventually defeats evil (duh).

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