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Love, Stiles/Isaac, PG, 247w

It starts off deceptively simple. Isaac needs a place to live, he can't stay in that abandoned train or in Derek's crappy burnt-out place any more. Especially now that Erika and Boyd aren't around, it would be too sad for anyone. That's simple logic, it doesn't take Stiles' big brain to figure it out, even Scott agrees. And Scott would be happy to let Isaac stay over at his place, but he'd need to explain some things to his mother first and he's somewhat reluctant to have that conversation. Stiles, though, Stiles has a big house that's mostly empty these days because his dad is still working overtime, and those few times when dad gets home in time for dinner they just have to tell him that Isaac is staying over for a science project or something. Lots of science projects that year, yep, that's what Stiles is going with. Anyway dad won't mind that Isaac is kinda sorta now living with them on a permanent basis when he finds out. It starts off as a simple idea in Stiles' brain, but then he actually tells Isaac and he sees Isaac's face light up with a smile and there's this weird feeling, as if his stomach is doing a little flop. And Stiles might act dumb all of the time but he's actually pretty smart, so it doesn't take him long to figure out what that means. Oh, he thinks, getting all flustered, now things are complicated.

Free, Derek/Peter, PG, 132w

Derek thought he knew what pain felt like, but Peter introduces him to yet another, completely new brand of torture. Peter takes him to Ikea.

"I can't believe you kept the house in that state for years," Peter says, wrinkling his nose and looking up and down the kitchen section.

With his leather jacket and perpetual scowl, Derek stands out like a sore thumb in the sea of happy families. He tries to hide behind a huge mahogany cupboard, but Peter drags him out and forces him to choose between forty shades of yellow that look all the same to him.

"Can we go home now?" Derek whines, but Peter's only getting started.

"Be nice, we'll be done in a couple of hours and then we can have Swedish meatballs before we leave."

Derek hates his life.

Overcome, Lydia/Peter, PG-13, warning for creepyness and dubcon, 115w

It's wrong, the voice at the back of her mind tells her, so wrong, wrong, wrong. She struggles against his hold, tries to scratch him with perfectly manicured fuchsia nails. It doesn't make any difference, the outcome had already been decided from the moment he walked through the door. Or maybe it was already decided months ago on a lacrosse field, she doesn't know. He doesn't even need his wolf's strength to pin her to the floor, both of her wrists held firmly by one of his hands.

Peter smirks in the moonlight, a smile that's all teeth. "Did you miss me?" he whispers in her ear. It's wrong because she did, and he knows it.
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