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SPN - Dean/Cas - 25 Yellow (Coldplay)

It took Dean two years to trust Castiel, and then three long years to trust him again after his betrayal. It takes him a couple more years to fall in love with him. (Sam used to say that it was love at first sight and it only took Dean years to notice because Dean is dense, but then Dean put Nair in his shampoo. In his defense, it was about time to do something about that hair, because Sam looked terrible with a ponytail.)

Anyway, there comes a moment when Dean finally manages to admit (to Cas, to the world, to Sam who eye-rolls and to Bobby who mutters it was about time, and then even to himself) that him and Cas are an item. That's it, he's sleeping with an angel, an angel in a male vessel, and all of his friends and family know about it, and the end of the world hasn't come.

So Dean figures, he might as well teach Cas how to drive.

He had misgivings about it, because Cas and the Impala are two of the most important things in the world and putting them together could be potentially disastrous for them both, but he does it anyway. He's not as young as he used to be, and when it's just him and Cas on the road it gets tiresome to drive all day and night. Plus, Cas can't read maps at all.

All of Dean's worries about Cas upturning the Impala into the nearest ditch prove unfounded. Apparently Cas has been staring while Dean was at the wheel (not surprising since Cas is always staring) so it takes him little time to learn. Cas drives like an old lady, several miles below the speed limit and never ever passing anyone and taking forever to park, but he's so careful that Dean doesn't have to worry about scratches.

So one afternoon, after driving seven hours to pass state lines and make sure that the feds will never be able to connect them with the suspicious deaths of two priests in Reno, Dean pulls over and stretches his arms over his head. "Wanna drive for a while?" he asks. "You know where we're going, so just follow the signs..."

Cas is only too happy to oblige, they switch places and Dean slumps gratefully in the passenger's seat. He's looking forward to catching a nap after spending the night running after the shapeshifters. He closes his eyes and he's already nodding off.

The radio switches to some crap song, and Dean makes a face. Without opening his eyes he gropes for the buttons, trying to change station, but Cas swats his hand away. Dean opens his eyes at that, glaring at the angel.

"Driver chooses the music," the angel says with a peaceful smile. "Shotgun shuts his cakehole."

Dean is too taken back to do anything but stare, his mouth hanging open. "Coldplay?" he asks after a long while. His face looks pained. "Really?"

Cas's eyes remain on the street ahead all the time, his hands on the wheel in a textbook ten-and-two position. After a while he starts humming along to the song. Dean groans. It's still a long way to Albuquerque.


Merlin - Arthur(/Merlin) - 73

Being dead, Arthur decides, sucks. First off, the lake is way too crowded. It's great to see Lance and Gwaine and the others again, at first it's just a big happy reunion. But after a few hours (or days or weeks or months, it's hard to keep track of time when you're just a soul wandering around in a pool of blue) Arthur starts wishing they'd all bugger off and leave him alone with his thoughts. And it's not just his knights, though they're by far the majority of the lake's dwellers. There's druids and sorceresses and children, and a woman with dark hair and blue eyes that greets Arthur as a long-lost friend even though he never met her before in his life. Too many people who know Arthur, even though Arthur doesn't know them. Too many people who still believe in him, even though he failed and he died and he can only pray for Albion from here. Too many people telling him that he'll rise again, that he'll leave Avalon and go back to the world and all the prophecies will come true. Arthur can only hope they're right. If not, all he's got left is an eternity in Avalon, and Merlin isn't there.


Merlin - Merlin(/Arthur) - 77

The voice in his head says it's time. Merlin doesn't know why this day would be different from the hundred thousand other days that have come before, but he's long past questioning his destiny. The lake looks quiet in the early morning light, with only a few ripples breaking the calm of the surface. He sits on the shore, because his knees and back are giving him hell, and waits.

The ripples turn into waves, then the waves part and the Lady rises from her lake, clad in a dress of white foam. "Hello, Merlin," she says.

"Hello, Freya," Merlin replies with a smile. "You haven't changed one bit."

The same doesn't apply to him, but Freya is kind enough not to point that out. Instead she says, "It's time. Are you ready?"

Merlin is more than ready. He's been aching for this moment to come, waiting for over a thousand years. "Arthur?" he asks, because he needs to be absolutely sure.

As a reply, Freya points towards the south. For a moment Merlin thinks he can hear a baby's cry, but maybe that was his imagination.

"I hope he won't get into too much trouble before I find him," Merlin says. He smiles. "Goodbye, " he tells Freya. Then he dies.


Merlin - Arthur/Merlin - 80

The blond guy is still sitting in the corner table. Merlin can see him from where he's standing behind the counter, filling plastic cups with coffee and delivering muffins to the rush-hour crowd. He's been sitting there for the past two hours, damn him, taking up a whole table all by himself and only ordering one measly coffee. Merlin doesn't usually mind customers to stay a while, he likes working in a coffee shop that's a proper coffee shop instead of one of those holes where you just get your coffee and go. But the blond guy is just insufferable.

As soon as he's got a minute, he walks up to blond guy and collects his (empty, cold for the last hour and a half) cup. "Are you planning to order anything else or are you just going to stare at me for the rest of the day?" he asks, favouring the guy with a cheeky grin.

Blond Guy almost drops the phone he'd been playing with. He looks so startled, it's comical, as if he had actually been staring at Merlin. "Er," he says intelligently. ""I. I'll have another coffee, yes." He clears his voice. "And a muffin."

...Had he been staring? "Which kind muffin?" Merlin asks. "We have chocolate chip, vanilla, and raspberry. Also some kind of culinary experiment of Gwen's that I'm not sure what she put into." He doesn't know why he's rambling. It might be his brain's attempt at blocking any further thoughts about Blond Guy. It's not working. Blond Guy is cute. He'd never noticed before. "Maybe almonds? Hazelnuts? There's little sugar hearts on them."

Blond Guy makes a pained face. "Whatever. Anything but the weird ones with sugar hearts. And make it quick," he snaps.

Merlin's grin widens. Yep, no risk that he could fall for this jerk, ever. "Yes, sir!" he says, and goes to ask Gwen for one of her special muffins.


Merlin - Arthur/Merlin - 45 Asilo

When Merlin is three, his mum takes him and moves to London. It's the worst thing that ever happened to him. Merlin doesn't like London, because it's big and smelly and he's not allowed to play in the streets like he did back in the village.

Even worse, he has to go to kindergarten instead of staying with Will when mum goes to work. Kindergarten is awful, because Arthur is there. On the first day Merlin tells Arthur for stealing another kid's toy, and that's a bad thing to do, Merlin's mum taught him not to steal anyone's toys.

But Arthur hasn't been taught so well at all. He hits Merlin with a wooden sword and tells him that he has huge ears. Merlin sticks out his tongue.

Mr Drake, their teacher, sees them running around and laughs. "I see you've already made a friend," he tells Merlin.


Teen Wolf - Derek(+Kate) - 61 “Ho bisogno di aiuto.” “Okay, adesso calmati. Raccontami tutto dall’inizio.”

He doesn't know what to do. It's as if his mind has gone blank. There's a lot of talking, people telling him things and then asking questions and then telling him more things, but he doesn't hear most of it. It's like being underwater. Everyone's faces are distorted, their voices come from far away, and he can't breathe.

They get him in a room with a phone, then, after what seems like ages. Tell him to call his family.

It takes him a while to remember that they mean the family in New York. Which other family could they mean?

He doesn't know their phone number, though. The sheriff goes in search of a phone directory, and Derek stares ahead at the beige walls of his office. He remembers another phone number. Dials it. Someone picks up after only a couple of rings.

"I need help," he says.

"Okay, okay, calm down," Kate says at the other end of the phone. "Tell me everything from the beginning."


Teen Wolf - Stiles - 8 Scatola dei ricordi

She went slowly. She went fighting. She was like Stiles, never giving up, always trying to move. Even in those days when it took everything she had just to get out of bed, she was always doing something. Because she knew that there were too many things that she would leave unfinished. Then she hadn't been able to get up any more, and then there had been the hospital, and then Stiles doesn't want to think about what happened then. She left him a box, lacquered woods with painted flowers, she had loved that box. A memory box, his father had said, handing it over. His gaze low, trying to hide red-rimmed eyes. A box that mom wanted him to have, full of mom's memories. He hasn't been able to bring himself to open it yet.


ASoIAF - Jaime/Cersei - 34 Liscio/Ruvido

His sister hates him when his face starts to show the first hints of whiskers. She says that it makes him look coarse, rough, like a farmhand or a stableboy. What she means is that it makes him look less like her, of course, but Jaime knows better than to anger her sister when she's in one of those moods. Instead he shaves, carefully, until his cheeks are smooth again. The other squires laugh. They take pride in their ragged beards, the proof that they're growing into manhood. Jaime doesn't care. Cersei is all he needs to be a man.


ASoIAF - Jaime+Tywin - 49 Soffitta

The first thing that comes to Jaime's mind when he thinks of his father is the solar. A large room, lit by a dozen glass-stained windows, with gilded furniture and tapestries on the walls, where father administered his land and all of the west. When Jaime was a kid, it had looked like a throne room. He'd seen the Iron Throne since then, both when Aerys and when Robert were sitting on it, but even that doesn't compare to his father's solar. That was why Jaime keeps believing in Tywin Lannister long after he's lost his belief in everything else.


ASoIAF - Jaime/Brienne - 35 Egoismo/Altruismo

She's a strange one, the Beauty of Tarth. At first Jaime believes her to be simple or naive, a sheltered woman-child who had read too many tales of chivalry. The world will break her, if not in body then in mind, and she will accept that there are no true knights any more. Or so Jaime thinks. But as the days go on, so do Brienne's beliefs. She sees the death and desolation. She sees the bandits trying to rape and kill her. sees saw the greed and selfishness in everyone. And still she wears her chivalry like an armor.


ASoIAF - Jaime - 57 "Quando si dice la verità non bisogna dolersi di averla detta: la verità è sempre illuminante." (Aldo Moro)

You should never regret telling the truth, because truth is enlightening. Jaime doesn't remember who told him those words, years ago, when he was still a page, before he became a knight, before he was the Kingslayer. It sounds like the pious bleat that a septon might have spouted. Truth is enlightening, he said, as if that was a good thing. Jaime wondered if that septon had ever seen the dungeons under Casterly Rock. There were a few men in there who knew about light. About being in the darkness for so long, light ended up doing nothing but hurt.


Avengers - Pepper+Tony(/Steve) - 66 “Ricordami perchè sto con lui?” “Non so. Perchè lo ami?” “Giusto.”

"I need help!"

"What's the problem?" Pepper asks, far too used to Tony's antics to be anything more than mildly annoyed.. She hopes this won't take too long, because he called just as she was about to go out for lunch. At least it's not anything serious. If it was, Tony would try to fix it all by himself instead of asking her.

"It's Steve," Tony says. The possibilities flash in Pepper's mind (missing, injured, battling green-blooded aliens, got alien blood on his suit and can't get it off) but before she can say anything Tony adds, "I'm not sure why we're together.

Pepper opens her mouth to deliver a snappy comeback, then pauses, because she's heard the catch in Tony's voice. Because she's seen the way Tony looks at Steve, and it's the same way he used to look at her, even though she didn't notice at the time. Or pretended not to notice. And it's difficult, and it's not fair of Tony to ask her this, not after what's between them, or rather what's no longer between them. It's not fair, but he's Tony.

So she tells him the truth. "I don't know," she says. "Because you love him?"

There's a short pause. "Oh," Tony said after a while, as if that hadn't occurred to him. "Right. Thanks Pep!"

She can hear the smile in his voice. "Will that be all, Mr Stark?" she asks, resisting the urge to laugh.


Avengers - all - 81 Moresome

"Why," Steve says, striding into the conference room and waving around the printout of an email, "have I received an invitation to... to an... orgy?"

Tony smirks and leans back in his leather chair. His chair, because the plastic chairs that were the default SHIELD issue were crappy, so he had his furniture brought in. Much better.

"I'm impressed, Captain," he says. "I was sure you'd never manage to say 'orgy' out loud."

"I'm not," Clint says. "You always think Cap is much more of a prude that he really is."

"Not true, I exaggerate for comedic purposes," Tony snaps back.

Steve is trying to glare at them, but the tip of his ears are glowering.

"What is this Midgardian festival that you're talking about?" Thor booms. "Am I invited as well?"

"Of course," Tony says before Steve can say anything. Then he turns towards Bruce. "I'm having extra-large condoms manufactured, in case your not so little green friend would like to join the fun."

That's when Fury snaps. "There is going to be no orgy in this base! Or anywhere within a hundred miles from here!"


Originale - Chibi/weeping angel - 78

Chibi stava leggendo un libro incomprensibile. In ogni frase c'erano otto causali, dieci incidentali e ventordici virgole di troppo. La sua sanità mentale ne stava soffrendo.

"Qualcuno mandi un angelo a salvarmi!" gridò, presa dalla disperazione.

Improvvisamente, nella sua camera apparve un angelo. Però non un angelo figo come Castiel, era uno di quegli angeli creepy davanti ai quali non devi assolutamente blinkare.

"Occazzo," disse Chibi, e accidentalmente blinkò. L'angelo si avvicinò improvvisamente di un metro e mezzo. Poi di altri trenta centimetri. Chibi non era proprio brava a non blinkare, ma per fortuna l'angelo non era bravo a muoversi in fretta, oppure gli piaceva giocare alle belle statuine.



L'angelo era ormai a pochi millimetri dalla scrivania di Chibi. "Vade retro, orrenda creature," disse Chibi facendosi scudo con il libro.

Vedendo l'orrore grammaticale e sintattico sulle pagine del libro, l'angelo si prese così male che si coprì gli occhi con le mani, e non si mosse mai più per tutto il resto dell'eternità.


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